A car window has been smashed in on Chartridge Lane in Chesham and is reportedly one of two, causing upset in the community.

A picture was posted on Facebook of a car with the front passenger side window completely smashed in, with footprints on the door.

Bucks Free Press:

The car was reportedly one of two on Chartridge Lane, near Lowndes Park, which have been vandalised.

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Sinan posted on Facebook explaining it was his Dads car stating "what's wrong with people."

Many other commenters on the post were frustrated with the damage, with one user stating that they heard of a similar incident on Townsend Road a few days prior.

Another user also said that their taxi was recently vandalised whilst on their drive.

The unknown perpetrators were branded "idiots" and "scum" in the comments, with another Facebook user explaining how they believe the police won't take action, as it's "too much time in paperwork" and that even if it was submitted the "prosecution service wouldn't be interested."

Sinan, who's Dads car was the one vandalised expressed his concern that there's now "lot's of drugs" in Chesham and that the town is "getting worse".

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Sinan has reported the incident to the police who reportedly did not go to look at the damage but gave the victim a crime reference and advised them to call their insurance company.

The Bucks Free Press have approached Thames Valley Police for comment on the incident and are awaiting a response.