The Cemetery Chapel in Chesham could be renovated soon but residents remain concerned due to reports of vandalism, littering, drugs and drinking in the area, an issue which the Bucks Free Press first reported on in December 2018.

Regarding the renovation Town Clerk, Bill Richards, said: "The Cemetery Chapel has been in a state of disrepair for some time and consequently hirings for services following interments have been negligible over the last few years.

"The Council has had an estimate for a comprehensive renovation which will be considered by its Recreation and the Arts Committee in due course."

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Despite this potential work on the chapel people remain concerned about two the cemetery is being looked after.

In 2018 a widow was disgusted after two people were allegedly spotted having sex where her husbands ashed were scattered.

There were also numerous complaints of antisocial behaviour that still remain an issue today.

One Facebook user explained how you can't go there on your own anymore as there are "so many idiots in there."

Earlier this week in the cemetery itself and around the chapel there a considerable amount of litter.

This ranged from a half-empty lemonade bottle next to a grave and cigarette packets.

Pictured below is some of the rubbish at the site.

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Mr Richards commented on the reports of littering, he said: "In respect to any complaints regarding litter in the Cemetery, there have been very few.

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"The Council’s Parks and Premises team undertake a comprehensive litter pick twice a week and we are also lucky to have a Friends of Chesham Cemetery Group who undertake maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis.

"Obviously if members of the public come across any littering problems, we would encourage them to contact the Town Hall."