Members of the public have expressed their concern after teenagers were spotted climbing rooftops on the Marlow High Street.

The children were seen on top of several buildings through-out December and at the start of January, with one teenager being as young as 14.

It is alleged that the school children climbed up the fire exits at the back of several unspecified buildings to go onto the rooftops when it starts to dark, with the teenagers usually being seen at around 5.30pm onwards.

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During one scenario, some teenagers were seen at around 11.30pm.

Jo Braybrooke, who is the secretary at the Marlow Chamber of Commerce said: “This is very concerning as this could lead to a fatality and that’s the last thing that anyone wants.

“The parents need to be held accountable and responsible for their children’s actions, because why would teenagers, some being as young as 14, be out in the dark on their own climbing rooftops?

“This is very serious, dangerous and worrying because the rooftops on the High Street are not necessarily going to be strong enough for people to be on top of them, and we urge people who are walking along the High Street in the dark to look up.

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“It sounds silly but please look up as you might see teenagers up there and if you do see them, please contact 999 immediately.

“This isn’t just kids being kids as kids will always misbehave and be naughty which is fine, but this is serious.

“People could die, businesses could be seriously affected, and it could cause so much damage to numerous people.

“This a relatively new problem we are dealing with and we hope it will be solved soon.”

The news was revealed at the Chamber of Commerce’s Meeting for Business at the town’s Harleyford Golf Club on January 20.

Rumours have also circulated that the teenagers who were seen on the rooftops had been drinking, but this has yet to be confirmed.