The Marlow Society will celebrate their 60th anniversary on Sunday, January 26.

This Sunday marks the 60 years to the date when the group had their first meeting, with the Bucks Free Press reporting 60 years ago: “The object of the Society is to protect the interests of the town and to ensure the harmony and well-being are not disturbed by disfiguring posters, signs, hoardings etc, also to prevent trees being needlessly felled or mutilated.

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“Some thought will also be given to existing buildings and designs for new ones in relation to their surroundings and position in the town”

Since then, the society has generated more than 800 members.

Martin Blunkell, who is the chairman of the Marlow Society said: “The Society has come a long way since then.

“Not only has much effort been expended to influence the many changes to the face of the town since than by developers and shop owners.

“The Society has worked with the local authorities in the development of local plans, development briefs and special planning documents.

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“In parallel members of the Society’s History Group have researched and documented many facets of Marlow that might otherwise have been lost.

“Books have also been written and an ongoing programme of walks and talks have brought the history of Marlow to life.

“Marlow and its surrounding parishes have a rich history indeed and the Society will continue to seek and support its unique sense of place for future generations.”

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