A brand-new app could change the way people leave feedback on anything, with the co-founder hoping it could sweep Marlow.

EmojitNow, which is free and is currently available on iOS, will let users leave feedback on anything by simply choosing an emoji to describe how they feel.

And as co-founder Ben Phillis is from Wargrave in Berkshire spent a lot of time in Marlow, he hopes the app will be a popular hit in the town.

He said: “I grew up in Wargrave, so I have been regular user of Marlow for many years.

“And the main premise of the app to ensure that locals can give their immediate feedback on the shops and facilities in the town so that they (the retailers!) can use the feedback to keep improving.

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“The business owners get the feedback instantly so that the can keep tabs on what’s going well, and what they may want to improve on.”

EmojitNow provides its users with a way of submitting their feedback on anything, making it possible to share their feelings using the international language of emojis.

Once they’ve logged in for the first time, users simply search for whatever they want to give feedback on, select one of the seven emojis and one of the various given reasons.

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They then just press ‘EmojitNow’; it takes just a matter of seconds and as the app’s database grows, so does the list of suggestions.

Since completing testing in November, the app has been building on its bank of things that can be fed back on, with already over 15,000 items already in the app.

For more information, visit www.emojitnow.com.