A university student from High Wycombe ran over a man who worked at a mosque as crowds of people who had just finished praying watched in horror.

Mahammed Toseef, from Whitelands Road, who knew many of the people who were streaming out of the mosque in the evening, drove away after hitting Mohammed Khaliq - leaving him injured, a judge was told.

The 20-year-old, a student at Middlesex Universtiy, said he was concerned an angry mob would form around the Mercedes car he had stolen from his brother, the court heard, who was working at his grocery and butcher shop when Toseef took the keys from the counter.

Prosecutor Michael Mason said: “The person hit by the car was Mohammed Khaliq, who locked up the local mosque at about 7pm. Walking home, he crossed the road and was within a couple of steps of the pavement when he was knocked off his feet by a car being driven by Mr Toseef.

“Mr Toseef did not stop at the scene of the accident and reported the incident four hours later. He stated the reason he did not stop was that there was an angry crowd at the scene and he did not stay around long enough for a crowd to gather.”

Mr Khaliq, who was rushed to Wexham Park Hospital, suffered cuts to the back of the head and bruising to his right thigh, the court heard, meaning he was confined to bed for two months.

He had said that he did not remember very much about the incident.

A probation officer who interviewed Toseef added that the defendant said the incident took place very close to the mosque he would usually attend and he was very aware of who would be coming out as prayers had just finished.

The officer also said the business management and finance student had limited financial means, living off a student loan and owing £7,000 per year on accommodation costs.

Defending Toseef, Sophie Chaplin said: “It was a foolish and immature action to take his brother’s car. It was a spur of the moment decision that went very wrong.

“However, I do need to draw attention to the fact that Mr Khaliq crossed the road at a crossing when the red man was showing," she told the judge.

Toseef had admitted using a motor vehicle in a public place without third party insurance, aggravated vehicle taking and injury caused by accident when he appeared before magistrates.

Mr Recorder Simon Taylor QC, sentencing at Aylesbury Crown Court, said: “It is not entirely clear how badly your victim was hurt in the long term. He was clearly shaken up and badly bruised and had to take to his bed for a period whilst he recovered.

“You were very, very fortunate you did not cause Mr Khaliq more serious injury.

“I accept that this was a spontaneous and stupid thing to do, rather than being inherently wicked. I am certainly not going to send you to prison today but I do have a need to mark the gravity of this offending.”

The Recorder sentenced Toseef to a 12-month community order with a requirement to complete 120 hours of unpaid work and a driving ban lasting 12 months.