Chesham resident Bob Earwaker remains concerned about speeding on Chartridge Lane, months after he put up signs himself urging drivers to stick to the 30mph limit.

In July Mr Earwaker spoke to the Bucks Free Press stating that cars are driving over 30mph on the busy road.

He also said that he spoke to the police who reportedly explained that they had no money to buy signs, "especially the ones that tell you how fast you're going."

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Cllr Peter Jones admitted that the road was notorious with speeding motorists, but that efforts have been made to slow drivers down.

He said: "“If any local residents were interested in collectively forming a local Community Speedwatch scheme, I’m sure that would be supported by the local councils and the police."

However six months later Mr Earwaker says nothing has been done, despite him volunteering to do the speed checks with a speed gun himself.

He expressed his frustration at local police, Bucks County Council, Bucks Highways and various other local councils and organisations who he says have done "nothing about it since."

Mr Earwaker added: "Local councillor Mark Shaw said last year [that] he would set up a meeting with all the authorities [but] nothing.

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"School children are walking to school more and more which is a good thing but I have seen a few near scrapes especially children looking at their phones.

"Like I keep saying somebody will be killed soon and nobody cares."