A MARLOW mum has launched beeswax sandwich wraps for children.

Emily Sayer, who founded ethical giftware company Stib in 2017, has just released four vibrant, colourful wraps that come in three different sizes and are completely reuseable.

Shortlisted for Best Ethical Gift in the Gift of the Year Awards, the sandwich wraps are an environmentally-friendly alternative to cling film or tin foil, supporting a sustainable lifestyle and each saving at least 200 pieces of plastic going into landfill.

They also come with a pack of native wildflower seeds which children can plant to encourage the bee population, as well as a bee friendly information sheet.

The wraps have been handmade by the team at Oakdale Bees using the natural wax produced by their very own British Buckfast bees, along with 100 per cent pure cotton, organic jojoba oil and a touch of organic tree resin to add some extra stickiness.

You clean them by rinsing under cool running water and leaving to dry between uses.

You then put them in the over for four minutes at 100 degrees celcius to repasturise.

They have a shelf life of around 12 months - and can then be disposed of in compost or be used on the barbecue as a fire lighter.

The aim of Stib is to produce purposeful gifts to promote children’s creative freedom and wellbeing, based on Emily’s belief that you “don’t need to be a grown up to make a positive impact in the world”.

The wraps are designed to raise awareness of waste among children while giving them a simple way to take action and help make a difference to our planet - not only by reducing their plastic footprint but by educating them on the importance of bees who help contribute to one third of the food we eat, yet are facing an alarming decline in both their numbers and their environmental ecosystem.

Stib Children’s Earth Lover Beeswax Wraps are available at www.joules.com/friends-of-joules for £16.95.

Ten per cent of profits from the sales go to education projects for vulnerable children via global charity, We.org.