Transport for Bucks are starting a programme of 'Plane and Patch' treatment across the county, to fix some of the defects which have happened in the last few months.

The Bucks Free Press have recently reported on various potholes across the county, which the public have reported but remain unfixed.

Residents in Chesham claimed they reported the potholes on FixMyStreet and were told they didn't need fixing.

Transport for Bucks have released a statement.

They said: "We're all only too well aware of how wet this winter has been, and all this extra water has meant a rise in the number of potholes and other defects on Buckinghamshire's roads.

"Transport for Buckinghamshire's inspectors are busy identifying these defects, helped by reports made on the FixMyStreet web page by members of the public.

"Repairs are prioritised according to the maintenance and repair policy, with each defect being assessed for risk and severity so an appropriate timescale for repair can be set."

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They explained that when multiple defects are present that its best to carry out significant patching or resurfacing of the area.

If individual defects within these areas have reached a high risk level, they should be repaired quickly.

This is often a temporary repair until the larger more permanent repair can be undertaken, which usually requires dry conditions.

Transport for Bucks are now starting a substantial programme of ‘Plane and Patch’ treatment across the county, which will continue throughout the Spring of 2020.

This is aimed at addressing the weather-related deterioration seen in recent months, particularly where there are multiple defects.

Members of the public are asked to continue reporting potholes through FixMyStreet ( so that they can be correctly assessed and prioritised for treatment.

County Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Transportation Mark Shaw, said: "The wet weather has been a constant battle for us over the last few months.

"The extra rainfall we have experienced has had quite an impact on the roads, and we are working hard to target the rising number of potholes.

"Our Plane and Patch programme will seek to rectify some of the issues and I am confident that the public will see a noticeable improvement on local roads over the coming months."