Six hundred tonnes of rubbish was dumped on wasteland that is tipped to become a new supermarket and drive-thru restaurant.

The mountain of waste - which the Environment Agency says works out at around 30 lorry loads - was dumped at Cressex Island on Wednesday, January 29, from around 5.45pm.

The site is close to Next and opposite the Empire Cinema - which would have been busy with movie-goers at the time.

The Environment Agency are investigating the large-scale fly-tip - and want those in the area at the time to think back about what they may seen.


They are asking if anyone saw a digger or lorry arrive at the site at around 6pm on January 29, or a look-out on Crest Road at around 10.30pm.

They also want to hear from anyone who may have seen lorries dumping waste between 10.50pm and 3.30am on Thursday morning.

The derelict Cressex Island site was once tipped to become Costco, but they pulled out of the plans.

But Wycombe District Council has discussed plans for it to become a new Aldi superstore and drive thru’ McDonald's restaurant.

If you have any information about the fly-tipping, call the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.