As snow sweeps part of the UK this afternoon, the big question is - will it snow in Bucks this week? 

And who better to answer that question than weather service the Met Office. 

For those of you who were looking forward to a snow day, a Met Office spokesman said it does not look likely that we'll get any of the white stuff this week. 

They said: "There is plenty of snow elsewhere, particularly across Scotland and Northern Ireland and parts of northern England at times today and tomorrow but it doesn’t look likely that we will see snow reaching Buckinghamshire.


"It will be cold, however, with temperatures no higher than five or six degrees throughout the day today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

"It will be breezy too, with winds easing by the time we get to Wednesday."

Despite this, some residents - in areas including Totteridge, Booker, Downley and Marlow - say they have seen snow falling this evening. 

Whatever the weather, Transport for Bucks will be out gritting the roads this evening from 7pm, just to be on the safe side.