Amersham and Chesham MP, Dame Cheryl Gillan highly regrets the announcement that the Government will give HS2 the go-ahead.

This outcome comes after years of intensive lobbying from opposition groups and politicians.

Dame Cheryl said: “Today’s news is hugely frustrating. This gross expenditure of public money is set to cost in excess of £100 billion and won’t provide the predicted benefits.

"HS2 is an ineffective means of enhancing connectivity and addressing capacity problems on our national network, particularly when investment is desperately needed elsewhere.”

She added: “HS2 has long been associated with a variety of problems, not least substantial environmental destruction in my own constituency. I am not convinced this project will deliver value for money for the taxpayer, and its construction will prove highly disruptive and by a construction industry who by its own admission lacks the capacity to deliver on alongside other infrastructure projects in the pipeline.”

Ms Gillan's view is that HS2 has failed on almost every management aspect since its inception ten years ago.

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In her opinion it has been a 'revolving door' for highly paid executives, who have been rewarded with taxpayer funded bonuses, with disproportionately poor public service for those most affected by this project.

Dame Cheryl has consistently called for a dedicated minister to oversee HS2.

With today’s news of HS2 getting the go-ahead, Dame Cheryl has called on the Prime Minister to deliver some continuity and accountability for the project at the highest Government level.

Locally HS2 has been a source of outrage for many with a mostly negative response and various protests across the county, however nationally some people are more positive about the project.