MP for Beaconsfield Joy Morrissey has announced she will resign as Ealing Councillor in the near future following Labour councillors 'demanding' her exit.

Ealing Labour expressed their concern that Ms Morrissey, and Alex Stafford who's MP for Rother Valley, should step down from their positions as they aren't able to dedicate enough time to the people of Ealing.

They said: "Local people in Rother Valley are understandably upset that their new MP isn’t committed to representing them in parliament and continues to take an allowance from a constituency 150 miles away."

Councillor Julian Bell, Labour Leader of Ealing Council, added: “Ealing residents deserve better than absent Tory councillors taking public money.

"Cllrs Morrissey and Stafford must resign immediately and let local people elect new representatives who are actually committed to Ealing.”

Ms Morrissey and Mr Stafford were both elected as Conservative MP's on December 12 and currently remain as councillors for Ealing, a position they held prior to the election.

The request follows a council meeting in December where both MP's were absent, leading to Julian Bell urging the pair to leave.

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Joy Morrissey has responded to Ealing labour stating she will be resigning and the reason for the delay was to save the taxpayers money.

In a statement she said: "“I am not receiving my allowance or receiving public money for my Councillor role. I wrote to Ealing Council to have my councillor allowance stopped on the 11th January 2020.

"Furthermore, upon election to Parliament I was asked to not resign immediately. This was to prevent any unnecessary additional expense of a separate by-election

"I will resign 6 weeks before the mayoral elections in May. Therefore not costing the taxpayer any additional expense or manpower.

"There is precedent for this as Ealing Southall MP Virendra Sharma remained a councillor in Ealing for 2 and a half years after being elected, demonstrating the hypocrisy of Labour.

"Would Ealing’s Labour council rather incur the additional cost of a by-election when their own legal officer has asked me not to, and do they think that would be a good use of council funds?

"It has been a great honour serving the people of Hanger Hill as their ward councillor, and I am confident that my fellow Conservative councillors, Nigel Summer and Greg Stafford, will continue to represent the people of Hanger Hill brilliantly.”