High Wycombe has been hit by a spate of burglaries, with five reported in just four days at the end of last week.

The first of the burglaries was reported to have happened between 8.10am on February 5 and 7pm on February 6 on Micklefield Road in High Wycombe.

The second of the burglaries was reported to of happened at around 6pm on February 6.

A house on Longland Way in High Wycombe was burgled, with the perpetrators taking items including a handbag.

On Saturday (February 8) a house was burgled in Suffield Road, High Wycombe, at some point between 3.00am and 7.00pm. Items including cash and jewellery was taken from the property.

Another home, this time in Cressex Road, was also burgled on Saturday – with the offenders taking items such as jewellery from the property.

Finally, at some point between 6.45pm on February 7 and 2pm on February 9, a final house was entered in Downs Park, High Wycombe.

Items including foreign currency was stolen from this property.