A cat is looking for her purrfect home - after patiently waiting more than 200 days at a rescue centre.

Cleocatra - also known as Cleo - went to the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Lewknor in June 2019.

The team at the centre think Cleo is being overlooked because she is not a typical 'lapcat' - preferring companionship to a lap to curl up on.

The average stay for a cat at Lewknor is 45 days, but Cleo has sadly been waiting for more than 220 days for a new owner to come along.

Hannah Owen, animal welfare assistant at Blue Cross Lewknor, said: “Cleo is beautiful and loves to roll around but she is very independent and doesn’t really like being touched too much.

“She is such a sweet cat though and loves feeding time and watching the world go by (usually whilst sprawled out on the floor).

“She takes comfort from being near people and does follow people around the cattery here to see what they are up to. She would make an ideal companion for someone who isn’t bothered about having a lapcat but sadly she just keeps getting overlooked for the other cats here.”

Cleo is looking for a rural home with a secure garden and access to a cat flap, so she can come and go as she pleases.

She also enjoys her food.

Hannah added: She came into us a little on the large size so her new owners will have to continue to monitor her diet and weight and encourage her to do a little running around and exercise.”

She could live with school aged children but would prefer a home with no other pets and few cats in the neighbourhood.

If you think you could give Cleo a home or would like to make a donation to Blue Cross visit www.bluecross.org.uk.