Chesham residents are devastated about the approval of HS2.

Reactions poured in across all forms of social media with many residents outraged with the Prime Ministers decision to greenlight the controversial project.

Many of the concerns were for the areas wildlife that will likely be affected with one Facebook user simply commenting "bye bye wildlife and woodlands."

Others couldn't believe the cost of the project, something that has been a concern for a long time.

One commenter said: "Lunacy. A ridiculous waste of money on a vanity project for which there is no obvious need.

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"To cap it all, even if it was essential, it would be better placed in the M1 corridor, rather than desecrating hitherto unspoilt countryside."

Figures suggest that the project could cost £106 billion, which has caused outcries for this money to be spent on things the public deem more important - such as the NHS.

With the development affecting many of the areas' woodlands local people have become upset, however one commenter disagreed.

They said: "Another classic example of not in my backyard, if it was up north no one would care."

MP Dame Cheryl Gillan has openly opposed the project representing the majority of her constituents wishes.

Despite the protests and outcry the project will go ahead with one Facebook user saying: "No point crying now. It's happening so get over it."

Ms Gillan has now pledged to do all she can to make the project as non-damaging as possible to the area.