A talk about how the archaeology of HS2 in Buckinghamshire will take place in Marlow on Thursday, February 20.

Lucy Lawrence, who is Bucks County Council’s Archaeology Officer, will discuss about how the archaeology of HS2 will ‘help answer questions about the development and use of certain parts of Buckinghamshire'.

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A statement from Archaeology in Marlow said: “The planned HS2 rail line runs for approximately 40 miles Buckinghamshire and will undoubtedly have an impact on the landscape and people living here.

“Whilst the politics are debated, this scheme has provided an opportunity for research and understanding of the archaeology of the county.

“Lucy will outline how the Archaeology of HS2 is helping to answer some longstanding questions about development and the use of this historic landscape.”

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The talk will happen in the Garden Room at Liston Hall and it will start at 8pm.

Tickets cost £3 for members or £4.50 for non members.

Call 01628 481792 for more information.