Broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packham has said that he is considering launching a legal battle against HS2 after the controversial scheme was given the green light by Boris Johnson on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister confirmed that the project will go ahead but changes to the way the project is managed will be made.

Johnson also said that the government would look for cost saving and aims to ‘restore discipline’ by appointing a government minister to oversee the construction of the new line.

Responding to the announcement, Chris Packham expressed his ‘extreme disappointment’ at the decision, claiming that shows a ‘flagrant disregard for our predicament’.

Chris Packham said: “Like many others who have woken up to the fact that our species and the health of our planet are in terrifying jeopardy, I am extremely disappointed that the government has decided to progress with this hugely environmentally damaging project.

“It reveals a flagrant disregard for our predicament, for the needs to address their declared climate and environment emergency and for the habitats and wildlife of the UK which are already under such significant pressure.

“It’s wrong thinking and history will not look kindly on those who have orchestrated this decision. A decision that I, that we, will fight peacefully, democratically and legally to reverse for the benefit of future generations and for all life on earth. We are in a last stand scenario, and I will not go gently into our good night.”

Mr Packham has said he’ll be working with lawyers from law firm Leigh Day to examine the implications of the decision.

One of the solicitors from Leigh Day, Tom Short, said: ““The Oakervee review was intended to consider the full costs and benefits of HS2 but it is clear from the report published on Tuesday that it failed to take into account the full environmental implications of the project.

“Our client is deeply concerned that, in the midst of a climate and biodiversity crisis and just months before the UK is due to host COP 26, the Prime Minister has given the go-ahead to a project on this scale without proper consideration to its environmental impacts.

“We are looking closely at the basis of the decision and potential grounds of challenge on behalf of our client.”