A transgender model from High Wycombe has expressed her sadness over the death of television presenter Caroline Flack, and has criticised reality TV shows on ITV.

Tia Latham, 29, who starred in the ITV2 show, Survival of the Fittest, which was the sister show to, Love Island, also revealed to the Bucks Free Press that people who have mental health issues need to be supported.

Flack presented Love Island for four years but after being charged for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend in December last year, the 40-year-old stepped down from the role.

Bucks Free Press:

Caroline Flack 

She was then the subject of online abuse and reportedly took her own life on February 15.

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Following the presenter’s death, Tia said: “There have been four deaths now [in relation to Love Island] and luckily not including myself but it came very close.

“No other channel or show in the world has caused this much grief and upset to so many people.

"Others have come forward and have said that Love Island needs to be cancelled and ITV bosses need to be held accountable.

"They honestly have no care in the world about what they’ve done and to so many people.

"They don’t even support them with mental health or stability and it’s not just the trolls that did this to her."

We exclusively interviewed Tia at the start of the month about the struggles of being on reality TV as well as being a transgender woman in High Wycombe, and the model revealed how that after leaving Survival of the Fittest, she attempted suicide after being the subject of a physical assault.

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However, Tia is now getting the help she needs by attending therapy.

The 29-year-old added: “In some way, it’s almost like I had a flashback to my own suicide attempt and how ITV dealt with me and made me feel.

“I’m just grateful and happy to be alive, and my prayers are with Caroline and her family.

Bucks Free Press:

Tia Latham (Instagram: OfficialTiaLatham)

“Rest in peace, Caroline.

“You were, and still are, an amazing inspirational woman.”

ITV then said: “ITV has maintained contact with Tia since her appearance on Survival of the Fittest.

“We have been in frequent contact with her and we will continue to offer support.”

ITV also revealed to the Bucks Free Press that they have a duty of care procedure to help those who appear on reality TV shows.

The brief states:

  • Bespoke training on dealing with social media and advice on finance and adjusting to life back home.
  • A minimum of eight therapy sessions will be provided to each Islander when they return home.
  • Proactive contact with Islanders for a period of 14 months up until the end of the next series. This means contact with the Islander will last for 14 months after the series in which they have appeared has ended, with additional help provided where applicable.
  • We encourage Islanders to secure management to represent them after the show and manage them should they choose to take part in other TV shows, advertising campaigns or other public appearance opportunities.

*Islanders are referred to those who appeared on Love Island but the brief is also applicable to those who appear on other ITV reality shows.