After some quick snow and sleet showers in Bucks last week, the question on everyone's lips is - will we see more of the white stuff in the next few days? 

We asked the Met Office - the national weather service - whether they thought we might get some snow. 

A spokesman for the Met Office told the paper: "There may be some hail and thunder today, showers overnight tonight with a risk of frost and sunshine and showers tomorrow."

The seven day forecast at the moment says: 

Today: Sunny/cloudy (minimum temperature - 2 degrees, maximum temperature - 9 degrees)

Wednesday: Heavy rain (minimum temperature - 7 degrees, maximum temperature - 8 degrees)

Thursday: Light rain (minimum temperature - 2 degrees, maximum temperature - 10 degrees)

Friday: Cloudy (minimum temperature - 7 degrees, maximum temperature - 10 degrees)

Saturday: Cloudy (minimum temperature - 7 degrees, maximum temperature - 12 degrees)

Sunday: Light rain (minimum temperature - 6 degrees, maximum temperature - 12 degrees)

Monday: Cloudy (minimum temperature - 5 degrees, maximum temperature - 11 degrees)