Ashtrays decorated by volunteers to encourage smokers to put out their cigarette butts in have been stolen in Marlow.

Organised by the Marlow Wombles, the campaign was started to persuade smokers to not stub out their cigarettes on the street but instead in the ashtrays.

However, most of the ashtrays have been since been stolen after they were displayed in various parts of the High Street.

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Jocelyn Towns, who is the leader of the town council, said: “The ashtrays looked great because they are cute and quirky – so cute and quirky that people are stealing them.

“The Marlow Wombles have done a brilliant job in decorating them and getting them across the High Street and it is a real shame that people have decided to steal them, but people are people.

“However, I’m hopeful that the Marlow Wombles will continue to do great work across the town and paint up some more nice ashtrays.”

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The news was announced at the town’s monthly Chamber of Commerce on February 17 at the Danesfield Hotel, where everyone showed their displeasure.

If you see a relativity decorated ashtray, we encourage you to contact the Marlow Wombles via Facebook or Twitter.