A driver had a near miss with a bus at a busy High Wycombe town centre roundabout - after all the traffic lights stopped working weeks ago.

The Eden roundabout - a major junction linking Arch Way, the Abbey Way flyover and Oxford Road - is usually signal-controlled, but all the traffic lights stopped working when a car crashed into the control box in mid January.

Since then, drivers have had mixed opinions about how the lack of signals have affected traffic flows, with some saying it has made their commute smoother.

One person said the driver who knocked out the traffic light controller "accidentally did every driver in Wycombe a favour", while another added that driving there was "brilliant" without signals.

But others have witnessed, or been in, near-miss accidents and crashes because of the lack of traffic lights.

One driver complained to Bucks County Council on FixMyStreet that the roundabout has become "dangerous" without traffic signals.

They said: "Approaching roundabout from the Abbey Way Fly over. When driving through the first set of green lights at the roundabout, a bus came from the right - the bus has either gone through red lights or there is an issue with the timings.

"This is the second time this has happened at the same section. Please check the timings as this is very dangerous."

Other drivers have slammed the lack of lights on social media - with one person saying there was a crash on the roundabout because an unsuspecting driver did not realise that the temporary traffic lights that have been put in place are for pedestrians only.

Recently, signs warning drivers that the traffic lights are out have been put up to make drivers more wary as they approach.

It is not clear when they will be fixed, but a spokesman for Transport for Bucks said the car crash in January caused a major problem.

In terms of safety on the roundabout, they have urged all drivers to be careful when using it until the issue is fixed.

They said: "Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) is aware of the issues with the traffic lights at the Eden roundabout in High Wycombe.

"There was a recent collision that destroyed the main signal controller on the roundabout. This requires a new controller to be sourced, configured and tested.

"Unfortunately, this takes some time to do. In the meantime, temporary crossings have been installed to assist pedestrians in this busy town centre location. We would advise all road users to take extra care at this location until the problem is fixed."

It is not the first time the traffic lights have been affected on the Eden roundabout. In July last year, the lights broke twice in the space of an hour during the peak of the summer heatwave.