Chiltern District Council have spoke of their upset at the decision that HS2 will go ahead.

Leader of Chiltern District Council, Councillor Isobel Darby has expressed her shock and disappointment at the Government’s decision to proceed with the HS2 project.

Cllr Darby said: “The environmental implications of HS2 on the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty will be devastating.

"I’m particularly disappointed that the voices of local people have simply not been listened to.

"We are already living with the detrimental impact of construction and the prospect of a decade of disruption is frankly, unacceptable.”

Councillor Nick Rose, who has led on the HS2 opposition campaign for Chiltern District Council commented: “We have said over the last ten years that HS2 Ltd has failed both in its obligation to assess the environmental implications of the project fully and to be held to account on the spiralling costs to the taxpayer.

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"By all means improve connections in the North of the country with a modest electrification programme, but to spend upwards of £100 BILLION on one single project is, in my view, just a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

Both Councillors have pledged to focus their efforts on holding HS2 fully to account and ensuring that impacts on the local area are minimised.

Cllr Darby further explained: “I have consistently opposed HS2 because it will change the Chilterns landscape forever without any benefit to the local area.

"The decision to proceed is the wrong choice and will burden the taxpayer for generations.

"Despite the project now receiving a green light, my opposition will not fade and I pledge to continue to support our local communities in securing adequate compensation and mitigation for the adverse effects of HS2.”