“Pedestrians are at risk” while traffic lights on a busy High Wycombe town centre roundabout are out, Bucks Free Press readers have said.

Last week, we reported that the traffic lights on the Eden roundabout – which joins the Abbey Way flyover, Arch Way and Oxford Road – have been out since January when a car crashed into the signal controller box.

There is still no timescale on when the lights will be fixed – and residents had reported that there had been crashes and near-misses on the roundabout as unsuspecting drivers did not realise the lights were out.

However, some drivers said the lack of lights had actually made their drives smoother because there was less traffic backing up at the signals.

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We asked Bucks Free Press readers what they thought about the lack of lights at the busy town centre junction.

Heather Stanley said that while the traffic appears to be flowing better, pedestrians are at greater risk. She said: “The pedestrian crossing lights are being confused for the usual lights that are out so when the pedestrian replacement lights are green drivers, understandably I think, take it as go to enter the roundabout but it isn't.

“The poor signage isn't helping. The give way signs aren't easy to see especially on the Clock Tower flyover. They're on the wrong side.”

Kayleigh Sinsbury said: “I personally think it flows better. The two crossings have temporary lights in place that seem to be working effectively. Lights the whole way round the roundabout cause traffic jams daily yet I haven’t seen a single one since the lights have been inactive.”

And Hazel Arthur said: “A few days ago, someone joined the roundabout which I was already on, and nearly hit me, because they thought their lights were for the roundabout.

“They're only for pedestrians. There is clearly an issue that while some understand it, others totally don’t, and I for one will avoid it until it's fixed.”

It was branded an “absolute shambles” by Taz Zareen, who said: “There has been way more than one crash.”

Lynne Hartley said: “Loads better without. Perhaps a sign reiterating that usual roundabout rules apply wouldn't go amiss, especially for coming off the flyover onto the roundabout.”

Other drivers suggested a subway should be built underneath the road or an overpass so pedestrians can get across safely, leaving the roundabout without lights.