A former Bucks Free Press employee will be celebrating a very special birthday this month as Marjorie Priest, who worked for the BFP during the 1930s, will turn 100-years-old on February 29.

Marjorie began working for the newspaper not long after leaving school aged 14 back in 1934, and stayed with the BFP for two years.

During her time at the company, she worked her way up from being a runner to forewoman, where she earned around 12 shillings a week.

However, at the age of 16, Marjorie left the company to work for Harrisons on the Hughenden Road as ‘the money was better’.

Bucks Free Press:

Marjorie Priest

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Speaking exclusively to the paper, Marjorie, who is originally from Shepperton, said: “My dad saw an advert in the Free Press and he took me down there.

"The old offices used to be on the high street next to an alleyway and the job I had wasn’t easy.

“It wasn’t easy because I come from Shepperton and I talked differently to the Wycombe girls as they had a Wycombe accent and I had a London accent, and they used to tease me all the time!

Bucks Free Press:

Marjorie Priest

“They were horrible at the start but after a while, we get on.

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“I was forewoman at the Bucks Free Press and it was very hard.”

Marjorie is due to celebrate her birthday on her actual birthdate, with friends and family of the former BFP forewoman expected to join her in celebration.

On the day, Marjorie’s High Wycombe house is expected to be filled with flowers with those in attendance taking part in a tea party.

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Marjorie’s granddaughter, Julie Eggleton said: “It couldn’t be more special as she turns 100 on February 29 so to have her 100th birthday on her actually birthday is very special.

Bucks Free Press:

Marjorie Priest

“My granny is very humble and plays everything down and she’s just a lovely grandma.

“I was just to thank her for all the wonderful years we’ve had together as a family.

"She is an inspiration and a great role model.

“She’s been a wonderful grandmother, mother, great-granny.

“The best that you can possibly ask for.

“She’s wonderful.”