A Wycombe District Councillor for Booker has joined the Wycombe Independents Party.

Cllr Brian Pearce, joins the recently launched party after previously being an Independent councillor.

Cllr Pearce was first elected in 2011 and has been a popular character in the local community for many years.

Cllr Pearce said: “As soon as I read in the Bucks Free Press that the Wycombe Independents were now working across the whole of High Wycombe, I began to seriously consider joining them.

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“I have always admired their work and dedication to the communities on the east side of town.”

He added: “We may not have always seen eye to eye on everything but what we have in common is a belief that elected councillors should be hard working and demand the best services for local residents.”

Cllr Matt Knight, Leader of the Wycombe Independents group on Wycombe District Council has welcomed Brian as a member of the group.

“Brian and I have had our disagreements over the years, but ultimately he is a hardworking and conscientious local councillor who is well respected by local residents.”

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“Brian and I were on opposite sides of the Brexit debate, but all of us need to move beyond the division and polarisation of recent years and find common ground where we can work together for the good of the community we all share.

“The Wycombe Independents offers that common ground and the possibility of local councillors whose first loyalty is to the residents they serve and not a political agenda.”

The Wycombe Independents were formerly the East Wycombe Independents and in October 2019, after four successful years, decided to expand to cover the whole of Wycombe.

As a political party they have a set of shared valued but also give their councillors the freedom to speak for the residents they represent.