A woman teacher stood before a judge on Tuesday accused of having sex with a underage boy.

Kandice Barber stood in the dock and was accused of six counts involving the same boy.

Judge Francis Sheridan heard that three of the charges were causing or inciting a child under 16 years to engage in sexual activity. Another charge alleged she engaged in sexual communication with a child while another alleged she caused a child under 18 years to engage in sexual activity while being in a position of trust.

The final charge alleged Barber caused a child to watch a sex act while being in a position of trust.

The 34-year-old mother-of-three, denied all the allegations against her and a trial date was set to coincide with the school summer holidays.

The court heard that all of the allegations against Barber related to the same young complainant and most were said to have taken place between September and October 2018.

Barber was accused of causing the youngster to view indecent images of her performing a sex act upon herself, which the judge heard could have taken place as late as January 31 2019.

Judge Sheridan, reading out one of the charges on the indictment to Barber, said: "You looked after persons under the age of 18 years who were receiving education at an educational institution.

"The complainant was receiving education at that institution. You were in a position of trust in relation to the complainant."

Witnesses who were expected to attend Barber's trial included the headteacher of the school where she worked and her husband, Daniel Barber. The name of the school, which is in Buckinghamshire, cannot be reported to protect the identity of the boy victim.

Barber, from London Road, Wendover, Bucks., was granted bail and told by the judge she had to prepare a defence statement and attend her trial date on August 24.