The Chesham Moor Gym and Swim Centre could be undergoing a large renovation.

The plans were discussed at a recent council meeting held by the Recreation and Arts Committee.

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The manager met with a architect and the clerk in respect to a revision to the original plan at the centre which would now result in a redeveloped gym being relocated at the tennis court side of the building.

The architect believes this is feasible and the proposal and fees have been approved by the committee.

There are also plans to improve the women's changing room facilities as previously agreed by the Recreation and Arts Committee and the Finance Committee were likely to exceed the £10,000 initially set aside for the works.

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To avoid going over the £10,000 the manager suggested not replacing the cubicles at this stage but instead repair the showers, piping, extractor fan, and ceiling tiles to try and reduce the excessive steam which has been a cause of concern.

This was agreed by members and with the the need to start this work as soon as possible, it was agreed that the final works be approved and signed off by officers in liaison with the Chairman of the committee.