The owner of an environmentally friendly shop in Marlow has revealed she is, ‘completely broke’ as she gets ready for her grand opening.

Lora Wilson, who runs the shop Seed1, were originally situated on the High Street but moved to Liston Court in January.

The shop is preparing for their second opening to the public on Saturday, March 14 and despite the shop's financial issues, Lora is ‘optimistic’ for the future.

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When asked about the shop’s financial situation, she said: “I’m completely broke.

“We have lost around six weeks’ worth of trading which is horrendous but I’m really optimistic for the new shop, so I think we’ll be back up and running as well as being profitable soon.

“We were really lucky as December was a really good month for us, so we actually made a decent profit that month to cover us during this period, but we have to open now.

“And I have got a massive and great team of volunteers who are amazing – some of them have helped refit the shop and we’re open to more volunteers.”

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Seed1 is a not-for-profit, zero waste shop and they were previously stationed in the old Toni & Guy space on the High Street, which was being leased out by the hairdressers. 

However, after the lease ended, the shop needed to find a new space and after looking all over Marlow, they decided to locate themselves next to the health shop Healthy Stuff in Liston Court as their new home.

And despite the grand opening getting ever closer, Lora is confident that the shop will be a great success.

Lora said: “We’re going to have a wider range of food refills and toiletries downstairs which is our main focus.

“We’ve also got two floors now so all of our household products are moving upstairs so they won’t be quite as prominent but at the same time, we’re also launching our online shop and that will have a wider range of products.”

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