More shoppers are panic buying in South Bucks as the coronavirus continues to spread.

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s press conference on March 16 where he encouraged the people of Britain to not be in public gatherings, shops across the country continued to see sparse shelves in their stores.

Bucks Free Press:

Nearly all the nappies in the Sainsbury's branch in Marlow were sold out

Bucks Free Press:

A lot of snacks were gone too

And after we reported that the Tesco branches in Loudwater, Princes Risborough and Old Amersham were seriously affected, footage has emerged that Marlow’s Sainsbury’s store is just one of many in the country that are currently dealing with the pandemic.

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Items such as toilet rolls, bread, frozen foods and snacks such as biscuits, crackers and doughnuts were all out, as the pandemic continues to cause mayhem.

One customer was not happy with the shortages.

Bucks Free Press:

All the frozen food was sold out

Bucks Free Press:

The bread was nearly sold out in the Marlow branch of Sainsbury's

Bucks Free Press:

A lot of soap and toiletries were on the verge of being sold out too

He said: “The selfishness among people is disgusting.

“I just saw one woman have six cartons of milk in her trolley.

Bucks Free Press:

The toilet roll aisle in Sainsbury's Marlow

“It’s getting me angry.

"There are so many old and vulnerable people out there who are in danger and need help, but they are not getting it because a lot of selfish people are just buying the food and toiletries for themselves.

Bucks Free Press:

A message issued to the Sainsbury's customers

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“I was helping someone recently who is quite elderly, and we went to five different supermarkets to try and find some loo roll.

“People need really think about others.”

Bucks Free Press:

People are buying lots of detergent

Bucks Free Press:

Bread was one of the items the customers rushed to

Bucks Free Press:

Customers also rushed to the fruit and veg section

As well as the items mentioned above, certain necessities such as nappies, soap, detergent, fruit and vegetables were also out of stock, or nearly out of stock.

Additionally, large amounts of alcohol were bought amid the virus.

The customer added: “It’s ridiculous.

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“You can’t get anything from anywhere now and people just need to stop panicking.

“Yeah, it’s scary but there is a right and a wrong way of going about it and this is certainly the wrong way.”

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