Great Marlow School hosted an exhibition to show off the plans for the town’s potential new boathouse.

If given the go-ahead, the boathouse will be used for students who attend GMS and the Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School to store their boating equipment.

The original plans were submitted to Wycombe District Council in September 2017, with both schools wanting to use the space on Gossmore Park as their location.

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However, the plans have now been revised and head coach of Great Marlow School Boat Club, Fergus Murison, confirmed that the new plans will see the boathouse be built near A404.

It is not known if the boathouse will get built at this stage.

Bucks Free Press:

The plans were displayed at Great Marlow School on March 12

Bucks Free Press:

Just some of the plans that were on show

Bucks Free Press:

Just some of the for the potential new boathouse in Marlow

Mr Murison said: "This is an exhibition which gave people the chance to share their opinion on the plans and whether they support them or not, and what problems they can foresee.

“Gossmore Park was our last location and we had a lot of reaction from that.

"The crucial one was it was tight on space and in the end, that would have been difficult for us.

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“So, we have moved the plan downstream of the A404 which is private land, not council land and I think this will apply a lot more to the locals as it’ll be tucked away from everything as it’ll be out of sight.

“And hopefully the people will see this an improvement from our last plan.”

People from all over the town attended the exhibition on Thursday, March 12, with parents and boat racing enthusiasts sharing their opinions on the new plans.

And Mr Murison is optimistic that the plans will go ahead.

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He said: “From the advice, we have got from the planning department is that they like the plans so I think this has every chance of success.

“Both schools have very active rowing clubs, and this is a huge cost to the boat clubs due to the deterioration of the fleets after they are left outdoors all the time.

“We had to have a huge fundraising campaign over the summer to replace all the boats, and this is an expensive burden on both clubs.

“But having our own permanent boathouse at our own base will give us more security and our boats will be looked after better.”