A post in a Facebook group for Chesham residents has caused debate about how to best social distance amid the coronavirus outbreak.

One user wrote on the page: "Parents who have children off school at the moment, WHAT ARE SOME OF YOU DOING ?????

"Families out today, in Chesham, carrying on a normal life!

"Kite flying on the Moor for example, some totally irresponsible behaviour going on.

"I noted dog walkers distancing themselves and people out walking being sensible distances apart. Only parents with young families being ignorant, at the moment Britain is going to be ahead of Italy, so thank you all of you irresponsible parents!"

The post prompted a mixed reaction from social media users.

The current government advice regarding social distancing is that those aged 70 or older, or those with pre-existing health conditions need to be "particularly stringent in following social distancing measures."

This means avoiding all non-essential social contact and doing so with care.

Official information can be found at www.gov.uk.

Lots of people from Chesham disagreed strongly disagreed with the post.


One user said: "Not being funny but with kids you cant keep them locked up.

"Nothing says you cant go out into public spaces just not within close proximity with each other."

Many agreed expressing they felt the need to get fresh air, and keep healthy in these uncertain times.

Others urged the public that they were not taking the crisis serious enough, with one user who recently returned from lockdown in Lanzarote warned the group of what the UK may soon face.

They said: "I have just managed to get back from lockdown in Lanzarote.

"Uk people you have no idea what is coming.

"You are acting like mad people and you will all regret the stupidity.

"Not one Spanish person was bulk buying before lockdown, everyone was buying normal shopping.

"After lockdown one person could leave the home, two at a time in a supermarket. Provided with gloves and sanitiser. Every shop was full of goods, you respectfully bought a few items and returned home."

She added: "Get your heads out of your selfish backsides people, and if you think its tough now then you haven't got a clue.

"Due to their resilience and good respectful attitude Lanzarote has only 3 positive cases of Covid 19! Listen and learn."

More users expressed how if your "living normally you're doing it wrong" emphasising how keeping apart from others will "save lives."

The UK has currently shut bars, restaurants, and many shops whilst encouraging social distancing, with those who did go to pubs on Friday being shunned on social media.

Some believe a lockdown is looking imminent but many on the local Facebook group are determined to remain out walking, keeping their distnace, until they're told otherwise.