Shops, restaurants and bars across the UK have been shutting and many organisations have been coming together to help the more vulnerable during the current coronavirus crisis.

Many independent shops in Amersham have closed indefinitely due to the governments advice regarding social isolation.

These include the towns charity shops, Bojangles Creative Cafe, and church services at St Mary's Church being cancelled.

Chains such as Costa Coffee have also decided to close their doors to the public, with chains that haven't already decided to do so expected to follow.

Community Facebook groups have been flooded with requests to help the elderly.


Residents are coming together to get food to those who are older or vulnerable and might live on their own.

Another Facebook user offered their IT services to help residents over 60 set up Skype via their website at IT-Made Easy.

Gyms in the area are shut for the time being as well as the Elgiva which has thanked it's customers and is offering refunds for all the cancelled performances.

At Amersham Youth Activities they've gone through their craft kit and created kits to give out to help keep people entertained during social isolation.

If anybody would like a kit send them a message Facebook.

They said: "I think the only way to do this fairly is to give a “surprise box” to each family, we can drop on doorsteps to keep social distancing and it’ll stop people asking for specific things, so maybe drop me a private message with what children you have at home (I.e. 1 6 year old boy and an 11 year old girl) and we will try and spread the love as far as we can!"

Members on Facebook continue to encourage each other to help those in need as much as possible and to avoid panic buying, a nation wide issue, so that everyone has the chance to get the food they need.