A supermarket in Marlow decided to spread some cheer last weekend as the country continues to battle the coronavirus.

The town’s Marks and Spencer branch, which is on Spittal Street, had fully restocked their shelves and decided to give some of their customers free flowers, as the UK enters an unspecified period of lockdown.

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Laura Turner, who was one of the customers who entered the shop and received the flowers shared the good deed on Facebook.

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She said: “I just popped into M and S in Marlow and was totally stocked.

“The lovely staff were all smiling, and even gave me free flowers! (Mother’s Day ones).”

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Other users on Facebook also praised the supermarket by describing the M&S staff as ‘pleasant’, whilst also revealing there were no shortages of items and that there were no queues.

Currently, there are 434,595 confirmed cases of the coronavirus globally.

So far, 19,603 people have died from the illness.

To read more about the coronavirus, visit www.worldometers.info/coronavirus.