Photos have emerged of Marlow town centre looking completely empty due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Taken by Marlow resident Jim Lassen, the photos show the centre of the town being free of pedestrians and drivers, as the Government has urged people to stay in doors to stop the virus from spreading.

The photos were taken between 5.30pm and 6.40pm on March 24, a day after the lockdown was confirmed.

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Speaking on Facebook, Jim said: “Did anyone notice the traffic in Marlow was much less on Tuesday?

Bucks Free Press:

The Marlow High Street

“I walked to the centre to shop at the big Sainsburys about 5:30pm and took some pictures ending about 6:40pm on my way back.

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“This was quieter than Christmas Day and it was nice to hear the birds singing above the traffic noise, less vehicle fume pollution and a generally more calm atmosphere.

“Also, less fag ends and food/drink wrapping being dumped on the pavements as lots of eating places and pubs were closed.

Bucks Free Press:

The centre roundabout in Marlow

Bucks Free Press:

Chapel Street, Marlow

Bucks Free Press:

Dean Street, Marlow

Bucks Free Press:

Little Marlow Road

“So, the coronavirus can have it's good aspects as well perhaps and this makes us more aware of the area we live in when there is less activity as a result of something nasty like this.

“Quite peaceful really in a strange kind of way!”

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Marlow is known for its busy High Street, which is full of independent cafes, chain restaurants, and clothes shops.

All of them have had to shut due to the pandemic, and it is not known when they will reopen.

Jim continued: "The empty selves in Sainsbury's in Marlow reminded me of when I went to Leipzig in East Germany with my dad in the early 1970s before the Berlin Wall came down.

"The shops there were almost totally bare with just a few items spread out on the front of the shelves.

"They were sad memories of those times along with undeveloped bomb sites in the background."

Globally, there have been 446, 946 confirmed cases of the illness, whilst there has been 19, 811 deaths.

In total, 112, 058 people have recovered from the virus.

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