Plans for Marlow’s potential new cinema have been unveiled to the public.

In a planning application that was submitted to Wycombe District Council in February, the plans revealed that an Everyman Cinema could be coming to the town.

If given approval, the cinema will be based at the town’s former Market Hall/Crown Hotel/Steamer Trading Company premises, where a two-screen cinema with sofas and a bar will be built.

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There will also be a huge Everyman Cinema logo which could illuminate the street.

In the application, it said: “The alterations to the Market Square frontage have a high potential to alter the significance of the site in that they will alter the appearance of the historic core in views from West Street, Market Square, the High Street and Spittal Street.

“This will change the way the significance of the site is experienced.

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“The proposed hanging signage at first floor level, illuminated ‘Everyman’ sign and the glazing of the ground floor arches, including cinema branding and other images/text will change the appearance of the site’s historic street frontage.

“These additions represent superficial alterations for which there is a precedent in the building’s planning history during its use as a hotel and restaurant.”

“While these alterations do not represent an enhancement that will raise the appreciation of the site’s historic fabric, their installation is unlikely to substantially detract from it.

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“These alterations are therefore identified as representing a very low level of harm to the site at the lowest end of the spectrum of less than substantial harm.”

The plans also revealed that the two screens will be on two separate floors (on the ground floor and first floor), with there being a two-floor restaurant.

There will also be a lift, a set of stairs and the kitchen will be on the ground floor.

The plans also revealed that, “In order to convert the buildings to cinema use, all 20th Century fabric will be removed from the rear of the site to make way for the proposed auditoriums.”

To see all the information and layouts from the planning application, click here.