All council car park charges and on-street parking restrictions - including parking on yellow lines - have been lifted across Buckinghamshire - but council leader Martin Tett has urged people to park "sensibly".

The five existing councils have taken the "unprecedented" step in a bid to help support communities, key workers and volunteers during the coronavirus outbreak.

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The changes will mean all council car parks across the county will be completely free to use and all parking restrictions lifted.

This includes parking on yellow lines, limited waiting areas and in pay and display bays.

Residents permits will also be extended by a month.

Restrictions on disabled parking will however remain in force.

Parking officers will continue to patrol the main routes, car parks, and residential areas to help deal with any obstructions to support emergency services, key workers, essential food deliveries and residents.

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If any vehicle does cause an obstruction, officers will attempt to locate the owner via the permits database so that the vehicle can be moved to a safer place.

If owners can't be located, vehicles will be towed to the nearest safe position. This will only be used as a last resort and will be to relocate vehicles, not remove them completely.

Leader of Buckinghamshire's Shadow Executive, Martin Tett said the new measures were sensible and appropriate given the circumstances.

He said: "With most people working from home, parking is at a premium, so this gives everyone more flexibility and should help keep routes clear. If you live near to a council car park, please feel free to use it if it's suitable.

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"It should also make it easier for those key workers and volunteers who need to get around to help those most vulnerable in our communities."

Martin added: "My only plea to motorists is to park sensibly and safely for the benefit of everyone and maintain social distancing. If we all pull together and use our common-sense, we can make a huge difference for those needing to get around in these testing and difficult times."

These changes will be regularly reviewed and may be amended in line with further government guidance.

Some car parks are closed overnight, so check the following links for further details.

Specific questions or queries can be sent to the relevant area e-mail addresses.

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