A notorious M25 bridge that is well-known around the country for its graffiti has been daubed on once again - with a touching message of support for the NHS.

The railway bridge over the busy motorway between junction 16 and 17 near Denham - which used to be known as the 'Give Peas a Chance' bridge after it was tagged with the phrase years ago - has now been painted with the words 'Thank you NHS' amid the coronavirus crisis.

No one has owned up to creating the new graffiti, which seemingly appeared overnight and has been praised by dozens of people.

On Twitter, one user said: "Our favourite local M25 landmark 'Give peas a chance' has had a shout out to the NHS makeover."


Another added: "I miss 'give peas a chance' but this is actually very wholesome and I love it."

The bridge last made the headlines in 2018 because a graffiti tag - the word 'Helch' - was painted over the iconic slogan, prompting outrage from fans of the bridge.

At the time, people said they were "devastated" that the graffiti has been painted over, saying it was "a sign of being nearly home" for many people on long journeys.

But while many admit to still missing 'Give Peas a Chance', the consensus is that the new graffiti is welcome - especially as healthcare workers battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Marc P Summers, admin of the bridge's fan page - which is liked on Facebook by more than 9,000 people - said: "This is the greatest thing to happen to the bridge since it was messed with by Helch over 18 months ago.

"We are super happy and wish this to stay forever. The NHS deserve this as recognition for all their hard work."

The railway bridge is the M25's only Edwardian bridge and is owned by Network Rail.