CELEBRITY Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, April 4.


You can imagine what it feels like to be in another person's shoes. This makes you sensitive to a friend's difficulties and dilemmas. Helping to sort out other people's problems could delay your own progress but you will make this sacrifice willingly. You might agree to a partner's suggestions even though you aren't keen on how much it is all going to cost. It will mean a lot to them than you think to have your support.


You would feel much happier if your life was in shipshape order. The trouble is others don't have such good intentions. Other peoples' mistakes, demands and expectations will keep you tied to jobs you hadn't intended to work on. A close relationship becomes more important to you as you discuss joint plans for the future. Your personal responsibilities are increasing due to joint commitments. Creating a secure home life is a big priority.


Discussions with a loved one will please you. Close relationships are harmonious and will bring you a lot of happiness. One particular partnership that means a lot to you is starting to look more secure. It won't be easy to keep secrets especially when you're bursting with excitement inside. You've made a promise and proving your loyalty by keeping to your word will further cement a close relationship. Spending more time at home will be relaxing.


Don't let anyone rush you. Take your time and you will avoid making embarrassing mistakes. It makes sense to work at a steady pace and you don't want to overdo it. Take regular breaks or your health will suffer. If you are working with heavy machinery or dangerous chemicals take all safety precautions. A friendship will take a surprising turn. Other than a tendency to be slightly over sensitive, there's a lot to be glad about when it comes to your relationships.


Your mind is on travel possibilities, exotic interests and distant affairs. For that reason, you could end up resenting anyone or anything that stops you from being on the move. You will also feel irritated by someone's carelessness but to keep the peace, you might turn a blind eye. A relative will introduce you to a person they thought you knew but you don't. Even so, their conversations will intrigue you and you will feel an instant connection.


Travel will not bring as much pleasure as you had anticipated. Short trips will be plagued with time consuming delays. Transport problems and mechanical breakdowns will try your patience. The closer you stay to home, the happier you will be. You don't feel ready to make an important decision. It doesn't matter how rushed you might be or how much others urge you to be quick about it, you need time to come to the right choice.


A sudden twist in events will take you by surprise. You will wonder whether you could have avoided an awkward situation. It is unlikely and rather than dwell on matters you have no control over, concentrate instead on areas where you do feel focused. Legal, financial and business affairs need more than just a cursory glance. Read through contracts carefully and ask for an explanation if there's anything you don't understand.


A joint financial matter is causing resentment. This may involve an inheritance, legal settlement or some other windfall. It's important to have a frank discussion and if you aren't able to reach an agreement you may have to consider taking legal action. At times you feel lonely and isolated. If you live some distance away from relatives, building a support network of neighbours and friends is essential to your happiness.


You feel good, look good and you seem to attract luck and romance your way without you even trying. Your popularity will soar as social invitations start pouring in. If you are half of a duo, your partner may become jealous when someone shows special interest in you at a party. Are you single? You could meet someone new at a community or sporting event. You will instinctively feel this relationship is going to be special in some way


Someone you work with is so disorganised you feel confused whenever you're in their company. It takes all sorts to make a world so whatever you do, don't comment especially if they seem content to muddle through as best they can. There are jobs you don't want to do but you have to. You just aren't in the mood and you haven't got the energy. Once you get going, you will be surprised by how swiftly you clear things out of the way.


You might find it hard to relax when there is so much going on around you. You can't hear yourself think in this whirlwind of activity and noise. Because of this, you could do with a private hideaway where you can rest and dream. If there isn't a place you can call your own, now is the time to find one. Romantic plans need careful thought. Work and other commitments have prevented you from seeing your amour as much as you would like and it would help to explain this to your partner.


You've been avoiding dealings with a powerful figure or official institution. This might be the only way to deal with a stubborn problem. Don't be daunted by the paperwork involved. A Virgo friend or colleague will help guide you through the process. If you need help, all you have to do is ask. Your work schedule could change at a moment's notice. This will call for some improvisation and a flexible approach. Your imaginative ideas will win the approval of your colleagues.