A steel and metal works company is showing its support to the NHS by erecting a huge, bright star on one of their cranes.

E & R Meakes, which is based in Lane End in High Wycombe, put up the star at the end of March, as a mark of solidarity to those who are working on the frontline, as the country battles against the coronavirus.

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In a brief statement to the Bucks Free Press, they said: “E & R Meakes have very kindly put the star up on the crane in support of the Lane End Community and all the NHS and other services who are involved in helping to fight against the coronavirus.”

Following the nationwide lockdown on March 23, people all over the country are doing their bit to support the National Health Service.

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People have participated in clapping for the NHS, whilst others have donated money and pieces of equipment such as gloves, goggles, and masks to nurses who are on duty.

It is not known how long the lockdown will take place.