AS Social distancing continues in the UK, some people are finding it difficult to keep entertained.

Various apps are keeping young people connected and busy, as well as older citizens being able to enjoy them to.

Here are five apps that are popular this lockdown.

1) Tik Tok - This app was already popular before the coronavirus pandemic but has had a massive surge in users since many countries across the planet have been put into lockdown. Users on the app make videos up to 15 seconds long, often of them dancing, singing or doing challenges where the have to do specific dances, such as the #blindedbythelightschallenge, which is popular right now. Although the app was once dominated by younger viewers many parents are getting involved, with celebs such as Gordon Ramsey making videos with his daughter, so it really is fun for all the family.

2) Houseparty - An easy and fun way to stay connected with friends. The Houseparty apps allows you to video chat with people you have as friends on the app, as well being able to jump into ‘unlocked’ rooms with people you don’t know or them jumping into yours. If you want to keep the room with just friends you can lock it, and play games such as ‘heads up’ and trivia.

3) Tinder - This has kept a lot of single people sane whilst stuck inside. The beloved dating app, on which users look at each others pictures and decide whether to swipe right (if they like what they see) or left. If both users swipe right it’s a match and they can start talking. Dating during lockdown seems somewhat impossible,but this allows users to really make a connection online first and plan a special post-lockdown first date.

4) QuizUp - This free app lets you challenge friends and people around the world to thousands of different trivia questions.

5) Zoom - During the coronavirus pandemic many people are planning ‘Zoom parties’ where a group of people will chat over video. Up to 100 people can join the chat.