A proposal to build 12 new flats in High Wycombe to the rear of the site of a former property has been submitted to planning officers.

The property which is currently located at 48 Roberts Road will be demolished in order to make enough space at the rear of the property for the new developments.

If approved, 12 new one-bedroom flats will be built at the rear of 44 to 60 Roberts Road.

The existing access to the properties will have to be altered, should the plans be approved by the council.

The development would also include associated hard and soft landscaping on the land.

Arguing why the plans should be approved, planning officers wrote in the supporting documents on the application: “The site lies in an established residential area where further development is generally considered acceptable subject to other policy and material considerations.

“The coach house and chapel uses have long since ceased and thus, given the nature of the location and the current state of the established buildings and other uses would, in any event, be unsuitable and undesirable in the current and any future climate.

“The scheme, albeit won previously on appeal some years ago, will provide single bedroom dwellings, which are in constant demand, within close proximity of the town centre.

“Despite a minor downturn, trends show that single bed properties are still in high demand above those of 2 or 3-bed designs. It is argued that the scheme retains 12 single bed units as opposed to larger units for this reason.

“Furthermore, the proposal provides purpose-built accommodation as opposed to flat conversions or HMOs, which may provide sub-standard accommodation.”