Two cannabis factories have been discovered in Bucks, with one of the factories having plants worth an estimated £650k inside.

The two factories were found in Beaconsfield and Winslow.

Thames Valley Police's Chiltern and South Bucks Twitter account reported that the farm has been found in Beaconsfield, in response to the news that one has also been uncovered in Winslow.

TVP Aylesbury Vale wrote on social media: "In Winslow today Team Aylesbury Vale have located and seized over 1500 cannabis plants with an approximate street value of £650K.

"We must remind our local criminals, we are very much ‘business as usual’ here in Aylesbury Vale and will endeavour to bring offenders to justice."

In response to this tweet, TVP Chiltern and South Bucks wrote: "Following on from TVP Aylesbury, it's business as usual in the Chilterns, too: our officers also found an amateur horticultural display in Beaconsfield (unrelated).

"To the owner - Sorry we missed you, but don't worry, we'll chat soon."