Police officers and paramedics who helped a seriously injured man next to the railway tracks have been commended for their actions.

Brave Thames Valley Police officers, staff and members of the public from the Wycombe Local Policing Area (LPA) have been recognised for their work at an annual awards ceremony.

Four police officers and three members of South Central Ambulance Service were commended for their actions at the scene of a traumatic incident, in severe weather conditions, where a man was seriously injured next to railway tracks.

Those involved were recognised for demonstrating "professionalism and resilience in incredibly challenging circumstances" and their "swift response and teamwork was undoubtedly essential in helping the man to reach hospital and receive further treatment".

Meanwhile, a Police Constable was commended for his actions in investigating a complex sexual assault case with three female victims, which were committed in Wycombe and Somerset.

Challenging investigations into the crimes were carried out by the officer - even though he was relatively new to the job.

He stepped up to the mark and ensured an "excellent investigation" was conducted.

Two Detective Constables, a Police Constable and a Police Staff Investigator were also commended at the March ceremony for their work in connection with the robbery of an 87-year-old man in High Wycombe who lost a large amount of cash and suffered a string of injuries including a fracture eye socket.

The person responsible was charged after their investigation.

Two Detective Constables were recognised for their role in the investigation into a robbery series in which a man on a moped robbed a number of members of the public.

Within an hour of the first report, the suspect was arrested and the two officers worked tirelessly over the next 48 hours to complete the investigations into each robbery and secure a charge.

As a result of their "diligent" actions, the defendant pleaded guilty to 14 offences and was jailed.

A Detective Constable and a Crime Scene Investigator who investigated a string of burglaries over Christmas and New Year in 2017/18, a Police Constable who restarted the Wycombe Police Cadet Scheme and a Detective Constable who investigated a series of conspiracy to steal vehicles crimes across two police force areas in 2017 were also commended.

The team of mental health triage nurses who join officers on their shift and offer advice and expertise when people are suffering a mental health crisis were also recognised.

Following the commendations at the Old Town Hall in High Wycombe, a number of officers and staff were also presented with Awards of Recognition by former Wycombe Superintendent Kevin Brown.

The Marlow Neighbourhood Policing Team were recognised for their actions after concerns were raised for an elderly member of the community.

At a "distressing" scene they remained "professional and focused, providing a high level of care to the victim, ensuring information and evidence was seized to assist with any subsequent investigation".

Tutors were recognised for their commitment to the development of student officers to ensure an effective work force across the LPA.

Officers and staff involved the creation and ongoing management of the rest area and tuck shop at High Wycombe Police Station were also recognised for their desire and actions to improve staff welfare and morale.

The awards were attended by Superintendent Christina Berenger, the current Commander for Wycombe LPA, former Supt Brown and Julia Upton MBE, the former High Sheriff of Bucks.

Supt Berenger said: "It was an honour to be a part of this ceremony and to hear the remarkable work of all the recipients.

"As a new member of the Wycombe police team, the stories behind each commendation demonstrate to me the tenacity, dedication and pride of the many officers and staff who work around the clock to keep Wycombe a safe place to live and work.”