Rennie Grove Hospice Care has invited supporters to take part in a fundraising challenge to ensure nurses can continue to provide hospice at home care during the Covid-19 outbreak..

Named 'The Hospice Handwash Challenge', the charity want to encourage supporters to have fun by creating a video, making a donation and nominating others to do the same.

To take part, all you have to do is wash your hands for the government advised 20 seconds and share whatever you do to ensure you keep washing for the full length of time. T

his could be singing part of a song, reciting a poem, reeling off a list of your favourite places, telling a joke or listing as many capital cities or award-winning films as you can in 20 seconds.

Kath Pezet, Head of Communications at Rennie Grove says: “We hope our supporters can have fun with our Hospice Handwash Challenge. We know that washing your hands is essentially a bit dull but it’s something everyone needs to do, particularly at the moment.

"The videos we have seen so far are uplifting and should bring some much-needed fun and positivity online. We ask you to help us spread the word and encourage you, your friends and your family to get creative and join in the challenge too, especially children who are on a break from home learning over Easter.”