Easter is usually a time when churches may be packed, but this year they will be empty.

Instead many people will be celebrating from their armchairs.

John Harbour, lead pastor at The King’s Church High Wycombe, says: “Like many of the churches in the area, we are live-streaming our services and keeping church life going through the amazing technology we can now use.

“There were more than 1000 views of last Sunday’s service, including many families. Now we are looking forward to welcoming people to our virtual church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

“It’s a huge logistical exercise we’ve all had to learn. Services include a talk and worship music from a band of musicians, all performing alone at home. A young team of volunteer technicians record each element, mix the sound and layer them together to create our online services.

“The live chat column alongside on the screen is well used as people say hi to others as they join the service at home and this helps people feel involved. The online kids and youth events are popular too.”

Regular church weekly groups are continuing with even greater attendance, John adds. “More than 500 people attend our 35 weekly small groups which of course usually meet up in person. Now they connect via Zoom or stay in touch via WhatsApp and other ways - attendance has never been better as people in isolation appreciate the chance to stay in community.”

Other aspects of church life are adapting too, including the various outreach projects to help those in need, with many members involved in neighbourhood caring activities.

The most difficult aspect of lockdown, John says, is the problem of supporting people who need pastoral help when it is not possible to meet up in person. Teams have been set up to give pastoral care in any way possible.

Are there any pluses to the new situation? “In a strange way people are more connected than ever. When you feel isolated you are very motivated to get to your small group or service.”

Look up Easter service details in your neighbourhood, or visit The King’s Church at 9.30am on Good Friday and 10.30am on Easter Sunday. “Easter is often a great opportunity to check out church,” John says, “and this year, you don’t even have to get up and go.”

For details visit kchw.co.uk/online.