We're living in unprecedented times as the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact our everyday lives.

Here at the Bucks Free Press, we have launched a Covid-19 campaign to offer a much-needed lifeline to concerned and vulnerable residents in Buckinghamshire amid the pandemic.

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This campaign has expanded and strengthened since it was launched last month all in a bid to support you, our loyal readers, and your community.

As a local newspaper, we have pledged to offer our readers a community lifeline each week.

As well as bringing you all the latest news and reaction, we deliver essential healthcare advice, include a weekly directory of important contact numbers and bring you expert tips from people across the UK.

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We try to focus on the positive efforts being made by the heroes of our community highlighting individuals’ courage and optimism during these testing times.

We have vowed that whatever happens, we will be #ThereWithYou to help you make sense of the situation and to steer you towards any help you might need.

How can you get involved?

The news we deliver on a weekly basis is essential for those who cannot get out, do not have access to the internet and are isolated from friends and family.

We call on our readers to support them – help with shopping and maintenance, but make sure to get a copy of the BFP as well as their milk and bread.

We want to get as much information and advice out to these amazing neighbours as is humanly possible.

So help us and those you care about and #BuyYourNeighbourAPaper.

Support our guardian angels

Now more than ever, we are reliant on our doctors, nurses and medical staff in our NHS hospitals.

These guardian angels of the community are serving on the frontline under impossible pressure to save lives.

Newsquest, the company which runs the Bucks Free Press, is supporting NHS Charities Together and their urgent Covid-19 appeal which is raising money to support workers and volunteers at the frontline of the pandemic.

The Bucks Free Press coronavirus community group

We have also launched a Facebook page to help you get through this tough time, where people in Bucks and beyond can ask for help, with every request and questions being met and answered.

To visit and join the page, click here.

We're here to help you and we will beat the coronavirus.