The Times newspaper has issued a statement that people should support their local newspapers as the coronavirus continues to batter Britain.

The national paper has put in a full-page advert in several local newspapers across the country (which includes the Bucks Free Press), where they have gone into detail about how certain papers have furloughed staff and that local papers ‘have been suffering from underlying economic ill-health’.

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An extract from the advertisement reads: “Some 4,000 retail outlets selling papers have closed. Readers are confined indoors and unable to get to the shops. Enders Analysis, a media research firm, estimates that sales from newsstands will swiftly halve, creating a shortfall this year of some £110m across the newspaper industry. This is a shock; many local papers will not survive.”

To read the whole advertisement is in this week’s edition of the BFP.

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And to help, not just ourselves, but the people of Bucks, we have set up a Facebook group which is specifically aimed to help those get through the coronavirus.

To join the group, click here.

We will beat the coronavirus.