The people of Marlow have come together and have donated nearly 400 pieces of chocolate to the nurses at Wycombe Hospital, as the coronavirus continues to spread.

Fronted by Marlow resident Trudy Bloomfield, Trudy said ‘she was overwhelmed’ due to the number of Easter Eggs and chocolates that were donated.

And after taking two cars worth of chocolates to the hospital, they were originally donated to the nurses in the hospital’s ICU.

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However, due to the large volume of chocolates, the donations were spread out to other wards across the hospital.

Speaking to the Bucks Free Press, Trudy said: “I thought maybe 50 Easter eggs were going to get donated, so I was nowhere near that amount!

“The BP garage in Marlow was amazing as they contributed to about 62 Easter eggs and about 50 boxes of chocolates and the night before [we gave them to the hospital], I had 91 Easter Eggs delivered.

“We had to take two cars in the end as we couldn’t fit them all in the same car!

“I never thought in a million years that we would get that many and shows that there is such a wonderful community in Marlow.

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“I’ve not lived in Marlow all my life and I wouldn’t consider myself to be a part of the community, so for this to happen, after I put a little campaign out there to get all these fantastic people to get involved, it was wonderful.

“There was so much chocolate that my doorbell kept on going off! Every so often it would go, I would answer it and there’d be 10 Easter eggs, a few minutes later they’d be more chocolates outside and this kept on happening.

Bucks Free Press:

They were donated to the hospital on April 11

Bucks Free Press:

Trudy 'overwhelmed' due to how many were donated

Bucks Free Press:

Some of the chocolates being donated to Wycombe Hospital

Bucks Free Press:

The ICU at Wycombe Hospital

Bucks Free Press:

The staff at Wycombe Hospital were grateful for the donations

Bucks Free Press:

Due to the number of chocolates, other wards in the hospital received an Easter egg

“It was very overwhelming.”

Trudy came up with the campaign and initially revealed it in the Marlow COV-19 Support Group Facebook page.

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After it was shared, the word started to spread and hundreds of people from the town started to donate.

These include residents to companies, with the environmental-friendly shop Seed1, also donating to Trudy’s campaign.

They were donated to the hospital on Saturday, April 11.

She continued: “We all went down to the hospital and met a lovely porter who helped us load up two big trolleys.

“Then we took them up to the ICU and met the lovely doctors and nurses there.

“They couldn't believe what they were seeing!

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“They were totally overwhelmed but also very happy and thankful for what we had done.

“I also bought a lovely card and wrote how thankful we all are for all their hard work.

"I managed to speak to the Head of the Department, and she couldn't thank us enough for what we had done.

“She made us laugh when she said: ‘I know what we're all going to do this weekend, and that is we're all going to get fat!’”

Those who helped Trudy were likes of the Jones family, Graham Moore, Monika Arris, Trudy’s father Dennis and the hospital porter, Tom Gibson.