A group of Muslims decided to give away free food to the vulnerable and elderly in Chesham, as the country continue to battle the coronavirus.

Those who run the fast food restaurant in Sizziler Express, which is based on Broad Street, gave away chicken and rice on April 16, where they revealed they wanted to help everyone in the community.

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Food such as pasta, spaghetti, cornflakes, tinned goods and bottles of water were also given away to those who live in the town.

Senol Dilber, who works in security services but was one of those helping on the day, said: “It is extremely important and vital to the survival of many people, that we work together as one to provide support wherever we can.

“This crisis is affecting us all, and it does not discriminate.

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“That is why we should all do our bit for the betterment and wellbeing of our communities and society in the long run.

“As a Muslim, we are taught one of the pillars of Islam is to help those around us as much as we can regardless of their background, creed, or colour.

“I am also inspired by our local MBE Imam Arif Hussain, whose leadership, guidance and example have motivated us all to get involved with our local community and show the best version of who we can be.”

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At the time of publication, there have been 625 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Bucks.

Nationally, over 16,000 people have died of the illness.

Conservative councillor Mark Shaw added: “It’s important that at times of crisis people come together and help and support the weakest and most vulnerable within the community.”